Worship Schedule 

Sunday, March 1st 

Pastor Aaron Ferry

Sunday, March 8th

Pastor Michael Clark

Sunday, March 15th 

Pastor Aaron Ferry


Come join us for Sunday School at 10:00 AM and be a part of one of our classes:

Ages 2, 3, 4 & 5—Angela Woodall & Wendy Wells

1st Grade—Sharon Hill & Susan Caul

2nd & 3rd Grade—Andrea Cashion

4th Grade—Lana Bradley

5th Grade—Karen Zarecor

6th-12th Grades—BJ Mathis, Tracy Temples, Ashley Temples, Teesha Vanzant, Beverly Charlton

College—Jill Russell & Sherry Stovall

Elective—Tammy Basham & Michelle White

Hearth Room—Belinda Lu, Matt Kreidenweis, Pam Kreidenweis, Chris Rumley, Laurie Rumley

Cornerstone—Barbara Clark & Mark Gass

Forum—Davis Mason & Jerry Smith

Sunshine—Howard Hall, Brenda Tate, Matt Daniels, Tom Mahler


For directions to our church, please visit our Directions page!