Worship Schedule 

Sunday, October 19th 

Pastor Aaron Ferry

Sunday, October 26th

Pastor Michael Clark

Sunday, November 2nd 

Pastor Michael Clarh

 We hope you will come join us for Sunday School at 10:00 AM and be a part of one of our classes:

Ages 2, 3, 4 & 5—Angela Woodall & Wendy Wells

1st Grade—Sharon Hill & Susan Caul

2nd & 3rd Grade—Andrea Cashion

4th Grade—Lana Bradley

5th Grade—Karen Zarecor

6th-12th Grades—BJ Mathis, Tracy Temples, Ashley Temples, Teesha Vanzant, Beverly Charlton

College—Jill Russell & Sherry Stovall

Elective—Tammy Basham & Michelle White

Hearth Room—Belinda Lu, Matt Kreidenweis, Pam Kreidenweis, Chris Rumley, Laurie Rumley

Cornerstone—Barbara Clark & Mark Gass

Forum—Davis Mason & Jerry Smith

Sunshine—Howard Hall, Brenda Tate, Matt Daniels, Tom Mahler


For directions to our church, please visit our Directions page!